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Okay, here's the scenario: You just purchased your dream car and you are on your way home. You merge onto the freeway and everything is great! Bam! You hear a loud pop noise or maybe you don't. You arrive home and park in the driveway. Before you go inside you do a last drooling session of your new pride and joy and notice something catch your eye. You look closely on your bumper and notice a small chip in the front! "That wasn't there before!" you tell yourself. 

Road debris, bugs, and small rocks, can easily blemish your car while driving. When your traveling on the California highways, with so many others driving it too, it is very easy to have your vehicle be the victim of chips and dings. This scenario is common and not a rare occurrence. In fact, it happens more often than you would think, or like to believe. So what is the solution to this common problem? It's simple, paint protection film, or known to some as clear bra. This clear, protective, and transparent film is applied to areas of your vehicle, or your entire vehicle.

What is paint protection film or clear bra? Remember in back in the day when it was common to see a car driving down the street with a full on leather bumper mask covering the front end of the vehicle, well, essentially it's the same thing as that but without the horrendous look. Paint protection film, again as its name implies, is a film that protects the paint of your car. The material is a virtually a invisible urethane film that is applied onto the most vulnerable locations susceptible to damage on your car, and can even but placed on the entirety of the car. This thin film acts as a barrier to any potential threats to the paint on your new vehicle, or you brand new paint job that you adore so much,.The paint protection film we use here at Haus of Wraps is Xpel, which is the top of the line and has a unique self healing trait. This specific trait can repair minor scratches and scuffs on the material which helps to keep a brilliant and "brand new" look to the vehicle. Paint Protection Film offers an effective solution that not only protects your vehicle, but helps to save you money from having to fix those blemishes.

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we pride ourselves in our cars, both personal and our clients. We provide impeccable paint protection film installation in San Diego.  Please feel free to stop by our shop, or call us with any questions you have. 

Last thing you want is your brand new car to be pitted with chips and damaging debris because you didn't have paint protection film or clear bra on it.

Last thing you want is your brand new car to be pitted with chips and damaging debris because you didn't have paint protection film or clear bra on it.

"Okay, sounds too good too be true, what are the cons to getting paint protection film?" Good question! To be honest, there isn't any really. If you're serious about your cars then this should be a no-brainer. Clear bra is the biggest single investment you can make to help maintain that brand new look of your vehicle. It helps protect your auto from rock chips and keeps swirl marks from years of washing your vehicle away. Is the film noticeable after being applied? Nope, it is nearly invisible and most people don't even notice it's there. 

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