Cost of Wrapping Your Car

So you just found out what a car wrap is and it sparked your interest. Now the next step is going online and looking at all the amazing choices of color then all of a sudden, BAM, you tell yourself, "I think i'm going to get my car wrapped!" One of the most common questions we receive from someone who just found out about vehicle wraps is, "How much?".  The truth is, its just not that easy to give a price. It depends on many different factors that we'll cover.

Vehicle Difficulty and Size

One of the appealing aspects we like about exotic vehicles is their beautiful design but this doesn't help when it comes to vehicle wraps. As you can probably imagine; wrapping a Lamborghini is a colossally difficult task versus wrapping a Mini Cooper.  The same sharp angles and beautiful curves that we love and enjoy create an immensely difficult installation. Another aspect is the overall size of the vehicle. A full sized truck uses more material when compared to something like a BMW 2 series which is comparatively small.

Before Vinyl Application Preparation Work

Most customers probably assume when they drop off their vehicle, laying of vinyl occurs immediately. This is not the case. A considerable amount of prep work occurs beforehand. "Like what?", you may be wondering. Well, to start off, the paint surface has to be immaculate. We detail the paint surface completely to make sure the vinyl lays on without any disturbance to the film. The next step is disassembly of the car. We have an in-house ASE Certified master technician working on this portion of the project. It is not uncommon for these two steps to take up to two full days before we start applying the vinyl. Our piece of advice is to bring in the vehicle as clean as possible to help reduce prep work and reduce cost.

Don't bring your car in after a track day!

Vinyl Film Types

It may be a daunting feeling when going through all the different colors for vinyl film. There's just so much selection including gloss, matte, satin, chrome, textured, brushed,  and even printed wraps. To mix things up further, you can even add an overlay for even more customization. Prices vary just as much as the different types of vinyl. We always recommend to our customers to use brands that are established in the industry such as 3M and Avery Dennison. Quality of material, ease of install, and product durability are some of the reasons on why going with these brands would be a smart decision.

Breaking it all down

Okay, by now you're tired of all this explanation and just want some solid numbers. 

Cost of material: $500 to $3000

Install Cost(Depending on difficulty):$1500 to $3000

Preparation and disassembly work: This is usually included in the install price but depending on condition of vehicle(regarding paint prep) and difficulty of disassembly, this can add into the cost.

As you can see, there is a lot of behind the scenes factors that go into getting a properly wrapped car. Many companies avoid going above and beyond and the customer suffers for it. Trust Haus of Wraps to take care of any of your automotive styling needs. If not, at least come to us when you want it corrected and done right!